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rating: 13 Vote
cast: Joe Bachan
director: Jason Zink
Resume: When I Die is a movie starring Elliott Abel, Warren Aitken, and Joe Bachan. Jason Zink is dead
Year: 2009

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info - A strange man with otherworldly talents becomes both a friend and a pariah in a small Turkish town in this drama from writer and director Reha Erdem. Yahya is nearly in a panic when his young son falls into the river on a wintry day and looks lifeless when he's pulled from the water. But a stranger appears out of nowhere and takes the boy in his arms, and suddenly the child is breathing and perfectly healthy again. Yahya and his teenage daughter Neptun are grateful to the stranger, who they discover is named Kosmos, and they bring him into town, where they offer to find him a place to stay. But Kosmos, who often prefers to communicate in inarticulate noises, doesn't care for his new accommodations, and he develops a bad reputation for his habit of stealing things, his strange diet (consisting entirely of sweets), and his desire to bed as many women as possible, including Neptun. Kosmos is on the verge of being driven from the village when it's discovered that he can heal himself at will, and others as well; folks eager to have their loved ones made well again struggle to put up with Kosmos's strange ways in exchange for having a man of his talents in the community 7,8 of 10 Stars release Date - 2009 Actor - Serkan Keskin genres - Drama


West Germany / Drama / abstract: Die Insel der tausend Freuden is a movie starring Olivia Pascal, Philippe Garnier, and Elisa Servier. Sun soaked Seychelles: As a professional tennis player, Michael once had some success and made some money. As success went / Scores: 190 Vote / Jean-Jacques Duval

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abstract=Police Inspector Jai lives a middle-class life with his mother and physically and mentally challenged brother, Sunder. One day he arrests a man named Pandey, and after questioning him, finds out that the person behind this crime was a man named Guman Singh. He gets on the trail of Guman Singh, arrests him, and holds him in a cell. Then a series of explosions create havoc in the city, with the assailants demanding the unconditional release of Guman. With the police having no clue as to the assailants whereabouts or where they are going to strike next, they release Guman. They threaten Jai with dire consequences, forcing Jai to resign from his job. Hoping that he and his family are safe, Jai starts to re-build his life, along with his sweetheart, Sharmila. Then tragedy strikes, his mother is killed in an accident, and his brother is abducted by Jagtap Singh and Guman, who demand that he return a bag containing their valuables. Jai is willing to do anything to get back his brother, but how can negotiate when he does not even have the bag in his possession?. release Year=1992. 90 Votes. Divya Bharti. directed by=Anand

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release Date - 2004. cast - Makenzie Vega, Abigail Breslin. Brief - Chestnut: Hero of Central Park is a movie starring Makenzie Vega, Abigail Breslin, and Christine Tucci. Two sisters at an orphanage find a puppy and hide it. When they are adopted by a couple at Central Park, they bring it secretly. Drama. Writed by - Anne Vince


1975... Días grises para España. Franco agonizaba y el Príncipe, Jefe de Estado en funciones, se encontraba en una posición difícil para afrontar un problema fundamental. Hassan II buscó el momento preciso para organizar la verbenesca «marcha verde» que colocaba a nuestro Ejército ante una disyuntiva gravísima. No tenía que enfrentarse con la estrategia y potencia de un Ejército enemigo, sino con el jolgorio de grandes masas que invadirían el territorio con panderetas, risotadas e histeria José Luis García Sánchez Release date 2002 Comedy, Musical stars Inma del Moral